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Retail Operations

Choosing Software: 4 Common Questions Retailers Ask Before They Buy

Is it just me or do you get that nervous feeling in your stomach when you are about to pull the trigger on …
Wireless Trends

Top 20 Retail Influencers You Must Follow

  Convergence, omnichannel, and clicks to bricks are just a few terms you’ve likely heard about over the past few …
Wireless Trends

If Online Shopping is King, In-Store is Queen

Online shopping is king.  It’s simple, it’s fast, (it’s an awesome distraction from work) and can be done …
Retail Operations

Our Top 6 2016 Retail Resources

2016 is in the books. To help with the holiday hangover and get you excited for the new year, we compiled a list …
Wireless Trends

Beyond Black Friday? A Shift in Thinking

The retail weekend of the year has come and gone, and as usual for the weeks leading up to, the day of and the …
Retail Operations

Be Prepared: Retail's Busiest Season is Right Around the Corner

Be Prepared… The famous motto of Boy Scouts around the world, and even more famous as sung by Scar in the Lion …
Business Intelligence

The Struggle is Real-Time Data 

We all know metrics are important, they are the compass that guides the business. With all this data available, it …
Retail Marketing

Reap the Rewards of Retargeting

Lately, I have been spending a lot of my time of reading about the effects of remarketing. If you are not familiar …

Patriotic Retail Resurgence

This past weekend, both Canada and the United States celebrated the birth of their nations, Canada Day (July 1) …
Retail Operations

Where Did All The Big Box Retailers Go?

Think about a big box store in your hometown.  The institution that stands larger than life, with the massive …
Retail Operations

Dominating Retail: Drone by Drone

It’s not a surprise to anyone that Amazon was probably the biggest disruptor to retail we have ever seen and as …
Retail Operations

Retailers LOVE Valentine’s Day

It would seem that when it comes to retail, a re-write may be in order for Nat King Cole’s classic L-O-V-E song.