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Love It or Leave It: What Shoppers Really Think About Retail Technology

We all know that technology is playing a huge roll in the ever-changing retail landscape.

In my last blog, The Death of Boring Retail, I detailed the changing retail landscape and the need to create a more immersive shopping experience importance for retailers. I focused on the fact that it was not retail that was dying but rather “boring retail” that was going the way of the dodo. We dove into how strategic store design and the inclusion of tech into that design would help facilitate the necessary changes to survive.

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The Death of Boring Retail

In case you haven’t heard, physical retail stores are dying. In 2018 alone, there have already been multiple large retail chains that have filed for bankruptcy including Claire’s (Jewelry), Bon-Ton (Department Store), B&B Bachrach (Men’s Apparel) and everyone’s favorite toy store, Toys R Us. If your local Toy’s R Us is anything like mine, the parking lot largely sits empty for 335 days a year and then every night in December the parking lot is packed with Christmas shoppers clamoring to stock up on the latest and greatest toys.  Not surprisingly, this is not sustainable and results in closure and bankruptcy of these stores. Of course, seasonal traffic spikes being the only source of sales are not the only reason these stores aren’t thriving. Other reasons include the digitization of products (books, movies, video games), high cost per square foot, and real estate fees to name a few.

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All Things Inventory

In case you haven’t heard, the RQ Bootcamp is right around the corner! Hosted March 25 - 27, 2018 in Scottsdale, Arizona, the RQ Bootcamp is an in-depth, 3-day intensive training on all the key features of your RQ retail management system. Attendees will hone their operational skills with actionable takeaways, enabling them to become power users of RQ.

To get you excited for this awesome event, the iQmetrix blog will be highlighting four key areas that will be the focus of the educational tracks at Bootcamp: Inventory, Operations, Finance, and Reporting.

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[Vlog] Wireless for the Holidays

You've almost made it through the busiest retail season of the year. It's time to celebrate!

On Retail Management, on Digital Signage, on Endless Aisle and Dropship, iQmetrix is happy to support your wireless business through every sale. Whatever your business needs, we have you covered — even during the holidays. Don't believe us? Watch our video blog and see for yourself!

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10 Wireless Retail Experts you Need to Follow

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the ever-changing wireless retail environment. New trends are popping up every day and, with that, comes new buzzwords and terminology you must understand to succeed as a retailer.  We have written articles like this before and this time we wanted to shift the focus and highlight some of the key players in wireless.

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How To Market The iPhone X (When Everyone Else is Doing it Too)

Wireless retailers have grown used to rolling out a new marketing campaign each fall trumpeting the release of the newest iPhone. Usually, many wireless retailers would find this process fairly routine—the massive popularity of Apple products means the iPhone more or less sells itself.

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POS and CRM: A Perfect Match for Retailers

As a retailer, you most are likely using a POS System. You are also most likely using a CRM.  But do you know if these two systems are working together? If they are, you are already well on your way toward retail integration. If they are not, then these programs are probably working against you.

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Ask the Experts: What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Independent Wireless Dealers?

Over the years, iQmetrix has worked with some of the biggest and smallest retailers in the wireless industry. We have learned so much through osmosis, and have become well-known as wireless retail experts. We are humbled by how much we have learned from our clients, how much more we can learn, and by how excited we are to brave the future with them.

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4 Ways Wireless Retailers Can Increase Revenue at the POS

In today’s wireless climate, independent wireless retailers are facing the same old issues: shrinking margins, competition from online retailers, consolidation, and cost per square foot.

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Game of In-Store Technology: 4 Retailers Seeking the Throne

If you are a regular reader of the iQmetrix blog, you know we talk a lot about the in-store experience, specifically, how to survive in a time when customers have everything at their fingertips.

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Choosing Software: 4 Common Questions Retailers Ask Before They Buy

Is it just me or do you get that nervous feeling in your stomach when you are about to pull the trigger on software program or tool for your business?

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Top 20 Retail Influencers You Must Follow


Convergence, omnichannel, and clicks to bricks are just a few terms you’ve likely heard about over the past few years. If you’re a retailer, or you love our blog, you’ve probably read about these topics. 

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If Online Shopping is King, In-Store is Queen

Online shopping is king.  It’s simple, it’s fast, (it’s an awesome distraction from work) and can be done anywhere. But if online shopping is king, in-store is queen.

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