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Customer Experience

Body Language

As a wireless retailer, you obviously train your staff on the devices and plans you offer. Salespeople are …
Retail Marketing

Top Retail Challenge: Inventory/Order Fulfillment

Cross-Channel Inventory Management Now Retail's Top Challenge
Customer Experience

Why In-Store Pickup is Gaining Popularity

Retail Marketing

Is Your Merchandising Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Wireless Trends

Black Friday is Big, but Last Minute Gift Shopping is Bigger

The retail industry braces itself every year for Black Friday and how the ritual signals the start of the holiday …
Business Intelligence

Racked on HSN's Success, Its Numbers, and Its Core Audience

Yesterday (Oct. 5), Racked published a fascinating exposé on the retail sales machine known to many as HSN, …

How E-tailers Personalize Outfits to Customers' Taste

Last week (Aug. 5), the Wall Street Journal's Erin Geiger Smith wrote about online clothing retail MM.Lafleur, …
Customer Experience

6 Reasons Customers Prefer to Shop In-Store Over Online

A new report from BI Intelligence, announced today, "explores the top five in-store technologies that represent …
Retail Operations

Gizmodo Tests Samsung Pay Around NYC, Gives Mixed Review

Gizmodo's Michael Hession today published a video review of Samsung Pay. The video shows him using (and sometimes …

Daily Dose of iQ: A Look at Nike's Futuristic Seattle Store

On Tuesday (Aug. 4), MediaPost/Marketing Daily's Sarah Mahoney wrote about Nike's redesigned Seattle store …

Daily Dose of iQ: Amazon's Wins and Losses on Prime Day

Wednesday (July 15) was Amazon Prime Day, which the company was hyping up as offering better deals than Black …

Singapore's Postal Service to Build Mall for E-Tailers

TechCrunch reported today that Singpost, Singapore's postal service recently unveiled a concept mall (artist …