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Announcing the iQ Green Team!

By Mary Wilkins Mar 13, 2012

We are group of employees at iQmetrix who want to get the E going in our SLICCE (Speed, Lifestyle, Innovation, Character, Community and Environment)!

The Environment, and being good stewards of the environment, is one of iQmetrix’s core values. We want to get really proactive with a team approach.

Employees from our four different offices have joined up and are working together to implement a variety of initiatives, such as:

  • improving recycling at work and home
  • helping promote local environmentally-oriented events
  • participating in community/environmental related activities (such as Earth Hour and Earth Week)
  • writing articles and providing tips for small things that we can all do to positively impact the environment.

If each of us does one little thing every day, it has a huge cumulative effect!

For example, in our Davidson office, we are changing the way we recycle our cans so we can raise funds to plant trees locally. Everything counts. And it can start small!

A couple of key events coming up are Earth Hour and Earth Week.


  • Earth Hour started in 2006 in Australia, with the Australian Chapter of the World Wildlife Foundation inspiring the citizens of Sydney to show their support for climate change by switching off their lights for an hour. In 2007, it grew across Australia and by 2008, it started spreading worldwide. In 2011, people in 135 countries switched their lights for an hour! Amazing! Earth Hour is organized by the World Wildlife Fund. Earth Hour 2012 is Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 p.m. (and it’s a lot of fun!).


  • Earth Week 2012 is also coming soon! It started out as Earth Day, back on April 22, 1970, as a day to teach and learn about the environment. Earth Day is still April 22, but there has been a movement over the years and now there is a whole week to participate in events and learn about what's happening in our environment, culminating on Sunday, April 22, 2012. It’s a great time to renew a commitment to the environment and think about the impact we can make as individuals and how to translate that forward. How can we conserve water, consume less resources, and be good stewards of the environment? We only have one Earth. One. And we have a responsibility to treat it with respect and take care of it. We’ve seen all too often what happens when we do not do so. Think of all the environmental damage done by corporations and individuals making choices based on the bottom line. We owe it to future generations to try to change the short-sighted thinking and behavior that has caused so much damage to our environment already.

If you'd like to join the iQ Green Team, if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for future events or initiatives, please feel free to email us at

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