Andy Hunt: Getting Past Agile Advanced Beginner

Jun 02, 2011 — Chris Nicola

I’ve had a lot of respect for Andy Hunt ever since reading his Pragmatic Thinking and Learning and later The Pragmatic Programmer. He is also one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto.

This short article is an excellent explanation on how agile software development should be approached and how learning, growth and change are key parts of the process.

A lot of agile processes stagnate as they become based in what we believe we are supposed to do in order to follow things like Scrum or XP. But really, agile is about utilizing short cycles, feedback and learning in order to make small, constant improvements. This article really captures that idea and I think it explains it well.

I’ve fallen out of love with the term “agile” a bit lately, partly because of the problems that seem to be created by attempting to subscribe to any one particular “agile” methodology. Andy’s post expresses these problems and also does a good job of explaining how to avoid getting stuck in them.

Topics: Wireless Trends, Mobile Industry

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