10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Recruiting and Retaining the RIGHT People

Oct 20, 2014 — Allan Pulga

HIre Well Now CEO and HR consultant Jonathan Bergman hosted a high-energy session on finding and training staff, specifically for wireless retailers.

Employees with less than 6 months experience are 45% less proficient than longer-term employees.Jonathan Bergman, Hire Well Now

"Over half of the information (51%) applicants put on resumes is exaggerated," he said. "So how can we avoid ineffective hiring, high turnover, low retention and other industry challenges?"

  • Bad hires can cost a company three times more than a good hire in terms of absenteeism, fraud, theft and more.
  • Retention: Employees with less than 6 months experience are 45% less proficient than longer-term employees.
  • Incompetent employees are less efficient, less productive and pull down your NPS, and ultimately -- your bottom line.

The Retention Equation:

  • Make it easy to apply. The days of the paper application are behind us. Offer online and mobile applications.
  • Job descriptions matter. Sell the job and the company. Explain the requirements and compensation.
  • Stack the deck. Look up the keyword searches that applicants are looking up. It could be "wireless sales" it could "mobile phone sales," but experiment with it so applicants can find you via search engines, job sites. etc.
  • Layer your recruiting efforts: Social media, Craigslist, local/state/college job boards. Other options include: Indeed.com, Simplyhired.com, Juju.com and LinkUp.com. Consider cost-per-click (CPC) online promotion.
  • Recruiting is a contact sport: Utilize applicant database sources (Indeed.com, Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn) and Employee referral programs (Indeed.com, Simplyhired.com, Juju.com, LinkUp.com). Consider an employee referral program.
  • Measure recruiting traffic: The most important metric is: "Where are my hires from?" Go with what works.
  • Your company website: Employees are researching your company -- your website is among applicants' Top 3 resources when looking for work.
  • Determine attitude, aptitude and risk: What makes these applicants tick? How is this person gonna work for me? Do a background check on applicants to determine their level of risk. Check offenses down to the county level, in the U.S.

Hire Well Now helped our company manage our applicant pipeline with clear, easy reporting.Sean Doyel, C&C Communications

Jonathan invited a client (Sean Doyel of C&C Communications, a 28-location Sprint dealer in Seattle), who spoke to how Hire Well Now helped his company improve its recruiting and retention.

Sean (pictured above) noted that 90 days prior to working with HWN, they went from 631 qualified applicants for review. 90 days after HWN? 488 applications. 147 candidates interviewed dropped to 84. 17 new hires (11% of interviews) stayed the same (17 and 11%). 180 day retention was at 52; it went up to 84%.

"We went from having difficulty managing the pipeline to clear, easy reporting to manage the pipeline," Sean said. "Hire Well Now helps us break it down, analyze the numbers, review qualified applicants and streamline the whole process."

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry, Business Intelligence

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