10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Motivation 101 - How Managers Drive Better Performance

Kelly Jardine and Nick Palazzo from the iQmetrix Professional Services team kicked off this high-energy session with a Michael Buffer-style boxing ring entry. It was well received.

Their session focused on RQ features that sales managers can use to motivate their store staff.


  • In a mangement setting, it takes 10 positive comments to offset just 1 negative comment.
  • Recognition & Praise: Increase productivity, engagement, loyalty, safety on the job. Number-one reason employees leave? They say they "don't feel appreciated."

What If? Widget: Show me the money!
- This widget allows you to set up, on the RQ back end, a sales "game plan" for your staff.

Performance Groups
- Identify: new activations, new products, add-ons (handset protection, trade-in, accessories, etc.)
- Track stats and monitor progress to drive performance. You can see "performance ratios" within RQ -- you can select a given metric in the drop-down menu.

It takes 10 positive comments to offset just 1 negative comment.

Key Metrix Widget
- Easy access on the RQ home screen. Staff can see their progress toward "dollar sign" goals easily, without needing to run a report.

- You can set up company-wide milestones for different performance categories, so you and staff can track progress visually.
- Mo's Mobiles in Australia uses these to identify performance "shout outs" across the company.
- The myRQ app also lets staff check their progress when they're away from the store.

Sales Contests
- You can build contests by day, week, month... you choose.
- You can also track performance in Sales Contests, by location or by employee.
- Nick then invited Jody from TEAM Wireless to talk about the sales contest they ran, related to the Summit.
- The top 3 performing stores were put in the running to send their store manager to San Diego. The staff knew there was a contest, but didn't know what the prize was.
- "We set the goal, our staff performed. It was a great," said Jody.
- Robbie from TEAM Wireless also noted that they team dinners to help motivate staff on the short term as well.

Number-one reason employees leave? They 'don't feel appreciated.'

- My Favorites: Simply star the reports you want to see
- Custom Reports: Create custom reports (assign visiblity by role) so staff don't have difficulty finding the reports you want them to see.
- Sales by Employee Reports: Track performance, give shout outs, share with regional managers, etc.
- Sales by Locaiton Reports: Identify which locations are the strongest and which need your assistance.
- Store Dashboard Reports: Sales, profile, YTD, YOY, trending, targets, sales contests, top locations, top employees. Right clicking on the graph gives you other viewing options.
- BI: Automatic and Customizable - Report tested with Project Retail: The graph changed color according to progress. The report showed a countdown for the contest. You can build a table to easily display all your contest categories. "We're giving all of you this one free after the Summit, so you can try this out," Nick announced.

Recognition & Praise:
- Quick Message: You can see the "paper airplane" icon on the RQ home screen. Send a "Great job!" message to an employee (or to an entire store - "Store ABC rocks!"). Short and sweet - no emails. Motivational tool.
- Employee of the Day/Week/Month: Company-wide recognition via the RQ Intranet. Right on the Intranet home page, you can recognize employees, explain why and set an example for other staff.

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