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10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Coaching Performance with Kurt Reinhart

By Allan Pulga Sep 25, 2015

"I just want you to take one thing from my session," said Kurt Reinhart. "And bring it home and use it."

You're not just selling phones -- you're selling service and an experience.Kurt Reinhart

Kurt's session was broken into four sections: Context, Team, Plan and Take-Away.


  • Trick Question: Is training coaching? (Answer: Yes and no.)
  • If I asked you what coaching is to you, what would you say?
  • You're not just selling phones -- you're selling service and an experience.
  • Performance: If you're an owner, you look at performance differently than a manager does.

Get to know your team and they will respond to your coaching.Kurt Reinhart


  • People vary (Skippy, Todd and Mary): Range of work tenure; all been trained (sales & operations), equal amount of selling time and opportunities, personality plays a part in selling
  • Coaching planning: Scorecards, programs, manuals and documentation. Employees need to know what's expected of them.
  • Coaching place: Are you coaching in the food court? Come on. You need one-on-one meetings, weekly performance reviews. Alternate meetings with every rep. (Do it all in one day -- just 10-15mins per rep!) Reps are assigned to review numbers and root cause.
  • CARE sheet: Coaching, Acknowledgement, Respect and Empathy. Get to know your team and they will respond to your coaching.

Skippy is not selling a lot, but customers like him.
- Welcome is strong.
- Discovery phase lacking (needs better questions).
- Moves slowly through the question.
- Mentions he was dealing with relationship issues.

Todd wrote nothing on his CARE sheet. He just told you everything you need to know about him.
- Agitated and abrupt with customers.
- Does he care about what the customer says? About their needs?
- Mentions Mary gets on his nerves.

- She is a good performer and responds well to coaching.
- Says she will be leaving eventually. Kurt: "This is not a career for most people. It's a stopping place. And at some point you need to acknowledge that and in some cases encourage it."

To get performance, you've got to praise, recognize and thank your employees.Kurt Reinhart


- Shadow next sale.
- Have Mary shadow and mentor.
- Personal issue could be an obstacle. Ask if he needs time (if yes give him a day or 2; if no, set expectations).

- He is a sales dog. He is a direct communicator. He is inconsistent.
- Ask him to walk through his performance.
- Ask about "Mary issue." Has he spoken to her about it? State you will observe interaction on floor.
- Aggression on customer is unacceptable.

- Balanced personality; good sales performance; always looking out for others.
- Challenge her performance.
- Determine "I'm leaving" risk. if yes, plan exit strategy; if fewer hours, plan accordingly.


  • Share objective info.
  • Involve them and ask for perspective.
  • Praise and recognize efforts.
  • Be wary of weak words and "but."
  • Think feedback and ideas.
  • Create a realistic action plan.
  • Gain commitment.
  • Thank them.

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