10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Blurring the Lines Between Physical and Virtual Merchandising

iQmetrix's Andy Wall and James Ingold brokedown the four necessary components to bringing the best experiences of online and in-store shopping together to meet the evolving demands of today's consumer.

Shoppers are looking for a consistent experience across all your channels. They are used to endless options and are drawn to variety with large catelogs of options. 

Solution? Omnichannel is a multichannel approach to sales that seek to provice the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store.


1.) Consistent Story - why should people shop with you and not at another store? What is your brand story and is it the same across regardless of how your customers are interacting with you?

To create a consistent story you need to have channel consistency. This means delivering curated content on every product and implementing a shared data pool from which content can be distributed.  iQmetrix's Product Library is designed to do just that and solve these consistency issues. 

2.) Compelling & Evolving Narrative - what is one story that would speak to the customers of my least profitable store?

The focus here is on the consumer as opposed to brand. It's important to identify what makes your company different and what do you customers want and need. 

There has been a shift in marketing of products from specs to lifestyle features.

Targeting lifestyle needs is a physical approach to telling stories that connect the product with the lifestyle or activities that the shopper can imagine themselves using in the daily life.

iQmetrix's Product Library has integrated these lifestyle approaches. For example, you can view a smartwatch and see the lifestyle story of how it can benefit your life in terms of your fitness goals. 

3.) Targeted Delivery - what implementation will be of most benefit to my customers?

Consumers are looking for 24/7 connectivity and your job will be to figure out how these consumers want to connect with your brand in various ways. 

How can you deliver your message to a diverse mix of consumers? There are several categories:

  • Physical: Display (ex. model of a connected home featured in your store)
  • Physical: Interactive (ex. Sony tablet display that allows you to submerge the device in water to prove it's water resistence feature)
  • In-Store Virtual: Advertising (ex. digital displays)
  • In-Store Virutal: Interactive (ex. interactive digital displays that allow consumers to browse products, view info, reviews and availabilty)
  • Online: E-Commerce (ex. dynamic websites that provide an online shopping and check out experience)
  • Mobile Commerce: (ex. responsive web design that is visually appealing and user friendly across all mobile devices from phones to tablets)
  • Mobile Apps (ex. creating a branded app that allows consumers to browse products and even make purchases) 

4.) Assess & Learn - are there any companies that have implemented omnichannel solutions that you enjoy using?

Implement, experience, reflect and think about how to improve, adapt and stay relevant. iQmetrix provides detailed marketing analytics to help you see the results of your efforts. 

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