10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: 10 Integrated Solution All-Stars

Megan Howse, Partner Marketing Manager at iQmetrix, introduced us to 10 clients who are acheiving success with iQmetrix's partners.

Integrated solutions are partner opportunities within the iQmetrix ecosystem. We have over 30 partners integrated into our software. So who are our 10 integrated solution all-stars? 

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI - automated inventory system that links processes and info from RQ directly to your supplier.

10. Sean Doyel - VP of sales at ccComm. - VMI allows Sean to spend more time on the big picture of his business.

Handset Trade-In - allows customers to trade your old phone for credit towards new devices as well as upsell accessories, handset protection etc. HYLA Mobile and Phobia are our partners in this category. 

9. Chang Menon - United Cellular is using HYLA mobile and has achieved 40% attachment rate as opposed to the average client seeing 35%.

8. Stefan Sparks - Infinity Wireless uses Phobio and sees attachment rates for handset trade-in of 21% vs. average client rate of 15%.

Everything is easy and affective to the upmost degree. Stefan

7. Jay Sichting - Moorehead Communications uses Verizon trade and reaches an average GP of $25, accessory GP increase of $6 and accessory rate increase of 5%. 

Marketing Automation - Through our partner Chatterspot, this service provides customized enrollment forms within RQ to turn your customers into preferred members. Upon registration, your customer will be labled a "member" and enrolled in your customer appreaciation or loyalty program. 

6. Brian Boucher - TEAM Wireless - average monthly subscription/location is 73% and coupons redeemed monthly are 478. "It's one of our first communications every day." - Brian 

5. Michael Johansen - Pro Cellular - "The biggest advantage is how cheap we can get our message out." Pro Cellular branded their loyalty program "Pro Perks" which has helps keep their location front of mind and build relationships with their customers. 

Handset Protection - provides the ability to provide warranty to your customer base as an add-on turning a device purchase. Partners include ProtectCell, Applecare+ and eSecurtel. 

4. Dean Leja - Cellular & More - average ProtectCell client sees an attachment rate of 15% while Cellular & More sees 50%. "It all comes down to 3 basic things - expectation, compensation and reporting. If at the end of the day you can't get your people to change, change your people." - Dean 

3. Raymond Stratford - Diamond Wireless - average client attachment is 25% while Diamond Wireless sees 44%.

Success didn't happen over night. It has a lot to do with culture and the sales reps take it personally. Raymond

2. Wes Filson - Jump.ca - average client attachement is 2% while Jump.ca achieves 29%. "I tell my sales reps that if the customer doesn't get Applecare+, they don't deserve it! We have a huge belief system to the point staff encourage all of their friends and family to buy it." - Wes

Video based Business Intelligence - transforms video surveillance into a strategic management tool that provides instant and unfiltered business insights. Our partner in this category is Envysion. 

1. Scott Aronstein and Jason Brandenburger - Connectivity Source - "My biggest objective in the beginning was cost, but I've been proved wrong. The info we get out of it far outweighs the cost" - Scott

"It comes down to three main things: Protecting the company, Protecting the customer experience and Coaching." - Jason

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